Salumificio del Conero

Own production of fresh and cured meats typical of Marche, by small local farms

Salumificio del Conero, based in Calstelfidardo in the province of Ancona, is a benchmark for the production and sale of fresh and cured meats typical of Marche.

The high quality of our products is guaranteed by the fact that we, ourselves, perform and inspect all stages of processing, from the breeding of heavy Marche pigs to slaughter and processing carried out internally with care and passion.


Cured meats typical of Marche

From Ciauscolo IGP to Lardellato Salami, Lonza and Guanciali Stagionati

Cured meats are made exclusively out of whole cuts of first class meat and all processing stages are followed by the owners. Fresh and cured meats jealously guard tips and secrets in compliance with rules and antique working techniques that give products a unique goodness, of intense but delicate flavour.

Our location

Located in Castelfidardo, in the province of Ancona, Salumificio offers salami typical of Marche

Salumificio del Conero is located in Castelfidardo, a hillside town adjacent to Monte Conero, where the intact nature, the beauty of the landscape and the goodness of food and wine lure each year thousands of Italian and foreign tourists.

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