Cured meats and salami of Marche

Meat from local pig farms

Mastro Mazzarino

Salumificio del Conero, specializes in production and sale of fresh and cured meats typical of Marche.

The Mazzarino masters still today jealously guard the tips, secrets, rules and ancient working techniques that give their products a unique and exclusive goodness, an intense yet delicate flavour, that takes you back in time when the meat was still being cured at home during cold winter months.


There are many gastronomic specialities, unique cured meat products with a strong but refined taste including:

  • The Ciauscolo IGP, famous spreadable salami whose origins are dating back to 1600, pink in colour, feels soft in the mouth, with a perfect combination of lean and fat meat, with an intense aroma of garlic and spices.
  • The Salami Lardellato, made with lean meats with the addition of lard and pepper grains, stuffed into a soft pig intestine casing, aged for a long time following a recipe that dates back to 1500, with a pleasant and intense smell
  • The Salami Montanaro, made from lean cuts, with the addition of spices and flavourings, lightly smoked. Slices are bright red, and meat lean and smooth.
  • The Guanciale, trimmed with added salt, pepper and garlic, left to mature for a long time, is perfect as a complement to the main meal or placed, cut thinly, over still warm bread.
  • The Lonza, the Lonzinoand the Lonzone are all made with a selection of the best whole cuts of meat and worked completely by hand. The long maturation period allows the meat to slowly absorb all the aromas making the flavour intense and delicate at the same time.
  • The Pancetta is a cured product made out of lean bacon, salted and flavoured with pepper and garlic, cased, tied by hand and cured for a long time. This is a scented product suitable for making the main meal or for eating sliced.
  • The Prosciutto Mastro Mazzarino represents a very limited selection of the best heavy thighs of our pigs, cured for at least 18 months, seasoned only with salt and with a minimum weight of 10 kg, with a unique and inimitable flavour... the real ham.
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